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SIPS Instructional Method ©

Extensive studies show we learn more when information is presented in small sips as opposed to large gulps. However, most learning environments teach what we call GULP...

Extensive studies show we learn more when information is presented in small sips as opposed to large gulps. However, most learning environments teach what we call GULP.

  • Gigantic
  • Unwelcomed
  • Learning
  • Processes

We are all familiar with the GULP – in high school; college, seminars, conferences and many other forums have all introduced us to the GULP. We took the courses because we had to. They were not exciting and we forgot much more than we remembered. STI recognizes the challenges with GULP and has counteracted that process with it’s copyrighted SIPS© Instructional Method

  • Stimulating
  • Informative
  • Purposeful
  • Self –Paced

Additionally our SIPS© are:

  • Short
  • Interactive
  • Practical
  • Structured

It’s time to stop taking the GULP and start taking SIPS with Success Training Institute!

Engaging Video Instruction

All the courses offered by the Success Training Institute are filmed, edited and produced just like a movie – making the learning experience enjoyable and much more relevant...

We don’t use Power Point presentations that bore you or your staff to tears. On the contrary, you see and hear the actual trainers – the key points are highlighted on the screen and we use the latest technology to deliver you a class you can actually appreciate.

The rise of online videos and streaming movies has ushered in a new era in training as well. Therefore, the team at STI realizes the longer we can captivate the attention of the viewers; the more effective (and memorable) our training sessions are to the end users. Therefore, you can experience the best in cutting edge technology when using our platform (click here for more details).

Earn Certifications

Increase your marketability, productivity and confidence by becoming certified through our learning programs. You and your team can earn...

certifications throughout the year as STI helps to hone your skills in various aspects of business. Research studies prove continuing education is the key to long-term business success.

Proven Results

Two words can describe Success Training Institute: It Works. Companies have noticed an increase in retention, employee satisfaction, productivity and overall job performance...

With hundreds of original courses, employees can become life-long learners as they take classes designed to improve confidence, increase knowledge and impact performance. Find out why so many companies are turning to Success Training Institute to meet its training needs.

If your company is looking to invest in training programs with proven results, please contact us today.

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New Video Training Content Added Each Month!

Our Curriculum Development Team collaborates with our video production crew to provide you and your staff with up to date, high-energy video training solutions each month. Therefore, your team can commit become life –long learners by utilizing our platform.

Why Online Training with STI?

The answer is simple it works. No more boring power point training sessions that leave your team feeling uninspired and untrained. Your team will see and hear REAL trainers NOT narrated clip art presentations. Finally, our content is original and easy for your team to remember and implement the same day.

Bending Over Backward for our Clients

Do you have a training topic you’d like us to film that is not currently in our library of classes? No worries, we can customize lessons to suit your specific training needs.

Need a trainer to come out to your office and facilitate staff development training or deliver an inspirational training session to your sales force? We can do that too! At STI, training is not just what we do – it’s who we are!

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