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Date archives February 2015

Soft Skills

How to Achieve Soft Skills Success

The hottest term in the business world today is Soft Skills. Companies are investing billions in an effort to ensure their employees have the coveted soft skills they need in order to keep pace with the competition. In the UK alone, it is estimated that soft skills training will contribute more than $88 billion to the economy in 2015. Therefore, in order to make yourself or your company relevant in the near future soft skills acquisition is a must.

You may be wondering, “What exactly are soft skills”? That’s the $88 billion question. Soft Skills are the intangibles you don’t learn in college. The refined communication skills, professional development skills, sales skills, team building skills, the ability to interact effectively within the business community and the overall structure of the additional components that lead to long term success in life and business. This is where it gets complicated because soft skills include time management, personal finance management, development and maintenance of effective daily habits and more.

You see all these skills at work in the hit American television show Celebrity Apprentice; where highly successful people are separated only by their soft skills. The one with the most complete set of soft skills is declared the winner – not the one with the most college degrees the one with the best soft skills. Therefore, even more than a college education, developing your soft skills will be the key to business success in the near future.

So how do you acquire soft skills? That’s another $88 billion question. There are resources online that offer comprehensive training at reasonable prices. You also get certified after successfully completing each course. This is key because it serves as your proof of an acquired, highly sought after skill that will separate you from the competition.

The Success Training Institute ( is the foremost leader in soft skills training, the classes are convenient, the content is original and engaging and most importantly – it works. You will learn (and retain) more in a few minutes per day than you did in all those hours in your college classroom. Remember soft skills training – you may have heard it first here but you’ll hear it much more in the near future.